Save yourself the trouble of building with this new 8 in 1 pre built coil kit by Demon Killer. Precisely machined assorted coil kit that will deliver unique and consistant experiences with each coil selection.



  • Six 0.36ohm Quad Coils
  • Six 0.45ohm Mix Twisted Coils
  • Six 0.50ohm Hive Coils
  • Six 0.45ohm Alien Clapton Coils
  • Six 0.36ohm Tiger Coils
  • Six 0.36ohm Flat Twisted Coils
  • Six 0.45ohm Fused Clapton Coils
  • Six 0.85ohm Clapton Coils


WARNING: Please use caution when installing and or using this product. Please have some knowledge on battery safety and coil resistance safety knowledge.

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Kit of varying coil builds
8 types of coil in 1 kit

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